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Friday, March 29th 2013

3:33 PM

The Resurrection makes all the difference.

Lately I've  been thinking about Easter and the power of the Resurrection. Actually Easter is the largest church holiday in Romania. Most of the Orthodox members will be at the church for their Easter services. Sometimes I would go to observe and  watch as each one brings their candle for the priest to light it at the end of the service. Sometimes the light blows out and they go to others to re-light their candle. Just carrying the candle will not save us but the light and life of the Lord Jesus Christ can save us because he overcame death and rose again on the third day.  On good Friday when Jesus was crucified it looked like all hope was gone.  The disciples all fearing for their lives but on the third day Mary along with 2 of the disciples goes to the tomb and finds in empty. The angel telling her, fear not, he is not here, he has risen. I am so glad that we serve a God that has power over death. The resurrection is the greatest message of hope the world has ever had.  Maybe your light has gone out and you feel that you have no hope.  Let the Lord Jesus re-light the candle in your life.  He is the Resurrection and the life and our hope is in HIM.     Happy Easter!

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