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Sunday, July 14th 2013

8:36 AM

Reaching out to hundreds of Kids at risk this summer.

Andreea and Cristina are two children that we are now helping to go to school.

This summer we have visited hundreds of children at risk. We have had fun watermelon parties, sang, played games, had skits and brought some hope to these village kids.  Some of their parents don't have jobs. Others are rejected because they are a minority in Romania. My job is trying to encourage all of them from the babies to the grandmothers caring for their grandchildren. They are just like us and want the best for their grandchildren.  They have nothing to offer them except the vicious circle of poverty.  If they were to walk in the footsteps of their parents there would be little or no hope for this young generation. Somehow I believe we can stop this vicious circle of poverty. We know that educated people can get jobs over here.  It sure would help to open a lot more doors for these young people.  That's why we are working hard at sharing with the children and telling them to stay in school.  They tell us, they have no money for the school fees, the books, clothes and shoes to go to school.  That's where we come in.  I have a project and maybe you can be part of it.  I won't show you their pictures here as they would be ashamed.

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PROJECT LIFT for 100 kids at risk to be able to go to school.

L - Love the kids - Every child needs to know that they are special and are loved.
I - Interest-  We need to show interest in them, motivate and encourage them to use the potential that they have.
F - Feed them -  Most of the children we know don't get to eat thee meals a day. Sometimes they don't get to eat for days.
T - Tutor- Train - teach -  These children are all behind their age levels so we need to give them some extra support to get to their age level in school. These kids are bullied at school. We need to help build their confidence and we can do that by teaching them some skills the other kids may not have.

This means if we can get some more friends on board we can see these little kids achieve and become confident and not have to live the life that they are living today.  It will not change overnight but in a few months we can start seeing the difference. We need 100 dollars for each of these kids so that we can get them ready for school. So you can do the math and see that for 100 kids we need to raise 10,000 dollars to get these kids in school. It sounds like a lot of money but when a lot of people do a little we can reach our goal. We need to get shoes for them. Shoes that will help them walk several kilometers to the school. They need good shoes and we are looking for a sponsor. We need some clothes so that they don't feel ashamed to go to school.   We also need to contact a company that sells school supplies so that they have their own notebooks, pens, crayons and not have to share.

Yes, and kids can't go to school hungry. We need to be sure each community has bread for sandwiches for these children. If I have the funds I can make a contract at their local stores so they don't go to school on an empty stomach. This is an exciting project and it's an opportunity for a lot of good people to get involved. I believe it's possible to make a difference, do you?  I tell all the kids I know that, from nothing, comes nothing so pitch in and you'll be surprised how good things will come back to you.

Every day I talk with kids and they tell me their dreams about becoming a doctor or nurse, builder contractors or have their own business, etc.  We can help them on this journey, I want to, do you? 
contact us at casashalom@gmail.com

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