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Friday, December 23rd 2016

4:07 PM


​    I will never forget the first time I heard the  Christmas story as a child. It was so interesting to me. I always thought it wasn't fair that  Mary and Joseph had to leave Nazareth and go to Bethlehem right when she was about to give birth to Jesus.  ​I thought that is so cruel. Now I see things differently. God doesn't send his people on wild goose chases  to find nothing. He knows what he is doing and does everything with a plan and a purpose.  This trip had to be awful uncomfortable for Mary. She didn't complain a lot about her situation.  She just simply obeyed. Now for some of us that would be difficult because we are always asking God why? Why did this happen and why did that happen?  Now when they got to Bethlehem it was late and they were tired and hungry and Mary surely had intense labor pains.  Now things get really difficult.  There is no place in Bethlehem to stay.  All the rooms are filled. Wow, if there would have been a big modern hotel they would have done well and been comfortable.  No, this wasn't God's plan.  There are always people in this world that have a little compassion.  When everyone said, sorry we have no room there was one man that said, "You know I don't have room here, but I do have a stable and there is fresh straw there and you can spend the night in a warm place."  Thank God for people that always look a little further and think of ways to help people in need.  I like this innkeeper because it would have been so easy to say the same thing everyone else was saying.  Sorry, "we have no room, just move along and go some place else.  We don't want to be bothered".  The son of God, Jesus Christ was born in that humble stable in the manger among the animals.  God brought Mary and Joseph to this special place where there were received with joy.  Then everyone wanted to come and worship that baby, the Son of God.  I am sure many said, oh, if I would have know that was the Son of God that was going to be born I would have surely found a place in my little inn. All these people missed their opportunity that night.

Today my question for you my friend is, Jesus is looking for a place in the hearts of men.  Will you be like the innkeepers in that day and say," I am sorry, but I have no room.  My life is so filled with business, friends, hobbies, vacations and making my career and raising my family. I really don't have anymore room in my heart right now, maybe later. Let me think about it. I am looking for life in the fast lane and have more important things to do with my time. Well, Jesus is passing by and it would be a wise decision to have him in your life. So think about it.  Trials, hardships, sickness and suffering sometimes come so quickly and unexpected. So my advice is, make room for Jesus in your heart today and you will have him with you forever.

This year we wish you a Wonderful Christmas as you celebrate with your family and friends. Don't forget the babe in the manger.  His name is Jesus and he grew up and fulfilled his destiny. He went to the cross to be the sacrifice for our sin. He loves you and would love to be in your life and lead and guide you day by day. He will never abandon you and be a friend that sticks closer than a brother.




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