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Saturday, March 10th 2012

5:22 PM

Two pioneers of the Faith called HOME, I will miss them greatly

I thank God for my christian heritage but also for the people God has put in my path over the years. One person that was very dear to my heart is Sister Angie Lewis. She was a powerful Evangelist and I met her in 1977. I was really going through some struggles at that time. Just so disappointed with the church and christian people. God brought Sister Lewis in my life. She was very dedicated to the Lord and when she prayed all the devils of hell would run.  When I was struggling she told me to simply Surrender everything to God.  I did that and got real peace in my life once again. I traveled to a lot of meetings with Sister Lewis. She starting praying for me and has prayed daily for me for the last 35 years. My, I am going to miss those prayers.
God also recently took home another very dear friend of mine in Germany. Another sweet sister and brother, now both in  heaven. They have had prayer meetings in their house the last 50 years. When I was in Germany I would play the piano for those elderly people. One night as I played her husband had a vision of heaven. I will never forget that smile on his face. I just kept playing the piano and he was basking in God's presence. A few days later he passed away. He shared so many wonderful experiences with me. His wife loved to pray also and I got prayed for often. I have my sister Lewis praying in Pa. and my German friends praying for me in Bayern, Germany. I was so blessed. Now they are both gone. I feel this loss, this prayer covering. Now I decided since they are gone we will just have to take up the slack and start a mid-week prayer meeting at Casa Shalom. I believe that God will honor that. Well, I love those fathers an mothers in the faith. They knew how to get a hold of God. They would pray until they got the answer. So we all have to hang in there and not give up so quickly like people do today. We need to sometimes just tie a knot and hold on to God until the answer comes.
 The Bible tells us in Gal. 6:9, don't be weary in well doing, in due season we will reap a good harvest if we don't quit or give up. So keep on keeping on until God sends the harvest.  HE WILL keep his word.

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