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Friday, September 11th 2015

5:40 PM

The Struggle of people living in Poverty in Romania

Today I was out in a new village. Actually going to the villages and visiting with the poor people is something I love to do.  I love going there because I know I can help them to have a better life. There are things I can teach these people and things I can do to help their children.  We know that some people have more motivation than others but everyone has a dream deep down in their heart. There is something they want in life and would be  willing to work hard for it.  That dream could be just having running water in their house or having electric. For others that dream would be to have washing machine or a new gas stove.  For many village women their dream would be to have a little kitchen with  cupboards and in the cupboards dishes, some kitchen utensils and pots and pans. For young people their dream is getting an iphone or just an ipad but everyone has a dream. 

Today I met some people that felt like they will never see their dream come through. Nicoleta has seven children, her husband goes to work but never brings any food home for the kids. Now the kids can't even go to school. Her dreams were just as shattered and night as her house without any electric lights. Today I saw a little light come into Nicoleta's eyes.

We promised to help her. We paid her 50 dollar house tax and now she will get a little benefit from the gov't. Her pantry was empty except for two loaves of dry bread which she tried to bake without yeast. We went shopping and brought bags of food. Tears screamed down her face in amazement. God sent us to her house. We bought clothes, toys and games for the little children. We promised to help her get her children in school.  Today Nicoleta began to see a light at the end of a long dark tunnel. Just seeing those little smiling faces when we left brought so much joy to my heart.  We need to help Nicoleta get a little kitchen put in her house.  They don't have electricity but it's possible but will cost us around 600 dollars for the installation.  I know these kids are wondering if we really are going to help them. I made a promise and we will keep it.  Maybe you would like to help us get other children in school. Education is the only thing that will open the door and get these kids out of poverty. Lets give them a chance.




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Wednesday, December 18th 2013

5:07 AM

Merry Christmas to all our Casa Shalom friends

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Wednesday, October 16th 2013

4:02 PM

New Projects that bring HOPE to children in Romania

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Sunday, July 14th 2013

8:36 AM

Reaching out to hundreds of Kids at risk this summer.

Andreea and Cristina are two children that we are now helping to go to school.

This summer we have visited hundreds of children at risk. We have had fun watermelon parties, sang, played games, had skits and brought some hope to these village kids.  Some of their parents don't have jobs. Others are rejected because they are a minority in Romania. My job is trying to encourage all of them from the babies to the grandmothers caring for their grandchildren. They are just like us and want the best for their grandchildren.  They have nothing to offer them except the vicious circle of poverty.  If they were to walk in the footsteps of their parents there would be little or no hope for this young generation. Somehow I believe we can stop this vicious circle of poverty. We know that educated people can get jobs over here.  It sure would help to open a lot more doors for these young people.  That's why we are working hard at sharing with the children and telling them to stay in school.  They tell us, they have no money for the school fees, the books, clothes and shoes to go to school.  That's where we come in.  I have a project and maybe you can be part of it.  I won't show you their pictures here as they would be ashamed.

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PROJECT LIFT for 100 kids at risk to be able to go to school.

L - Love the kids - Every child needs to know that they are special and are loved.
I - Interest-  We need to show interest in them, motivate and encourage them to use the potential that they have.
F - Feed them -  Most of the children we know don't get to eat thee meals a day. Sometimes they don't get to eat for days.
T - Tutor- Train - teach -  These children are all behind their age levels so we need to give them some extra support to get to their age level in school. These kids are bullied at school. We need to help build their confidence and we can do that by teaching them some skills the other kids may not have.

This means if we can get some more friends on board we can see these little kids achieve and become confident and not have to live the life that they are living today.  It will not change overnight but in a few months we can start seeing the difference. We need 100 dollars for each of these kids so that we can get them ready for school. So you can do the math and see that for 100 kids we need to raise 10,000 dollars to get these kids in school. It sounds like a lot of money but when a lot of people do a little we can reach our goal. We need to get shoes for them. Shoes that will help them walk several kilometers to the school. They need good shoes and we are looking for a sponsor. We need some clothes so that they don't feel ashamed to go to school.   We also need to contact a company that sells school supplies so that they have their own notebooks, pens, crayons and not have to share.

Yes, and kids can't go to school hungry. We need to be sure each community has bread for sandwiches for these children. If I have the funds I can make a contract at their local stores so they don't go to school on an empty stomach. This is an exciting project and it's an opportunity for a lot of good people to get involved. I believe it's possible to make a difference, do you?  I tell all the kids I know that, from nothing, comes nothing so pitch in and you'll be surprised how good things will come back to you.

Every day I talk with kids and they tell me their dreams about becoming a doctor or nurse, builder contractors or have their own business, etc.  We can help them on this journey, I want to, do you? 
contact us at casashalom@gmail.com

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Friday, March 29th 2013

3:33 PM

The Resurrection makes all the difference.

Lately I've  been thinking about Easter and the power of the Resurrection. Actually Easter is the largest church holiday in Romania. Most of the Orthodox members will be at the church for their Easter services. Sometimes I would go to observe and  watch as each one brings their candle for the priest to light it at the end of the service. Sometimes the light blows out and they go to others to re-light their candle. Just carrying the candle will not save us but the light and life of the Lord Jesus Christ can save us because he overcame death and rose again on the third day.  On good Friday when Jesus was crucified it looked like all hope was gone.  The disciples all fearing for their lives but on the third day Mary along with 2 of the disciples goes to the tomb and finds in empty. The angel telling her, fear not, he is not here, he has risen. I am so glad that we serve a God that has power over death. The resurrection is the greatest message of hope the world has ever had.  Maybe your light has gone out and you feel that you have no hope.  Let the Lord Jesus re-light the candle in your life.  He is the Resurrection and the life and our hope is in HIM.     Happy Easter!

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Saturday, November 10th 2012

4:13 PM

Weather gone wild around the world

The past two weeks have changed the lives of thousands of people. Those who have lost their homes, possessions even their parents or a friend. It all came so fast.  People were warned for days about this storm. Many waited till the last minute to leave and they were stranded. How tragic for lives to be lost because they weren't prepared. While we are living we need to prepare for eternity. Don't wait until it's too late. A sudden storm or tragedy could come and catch you off guard.

Clyclone hits INDIA 

Around 90,000 people have been affected.  They need help in this disaster.

The people have no drinking water, food, clothes,  or rice to eat Their crops  have been destroyed and they have no shelter. 

We can help them, we can show them that we care.
Donations can be given so we can help them immediately.   Write us for more information

No we can't help them all but everyone can do something.
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Saturday, April 7th 2012

5:30 PM

He is not here, he has risen from the dead.

We wish each of you a Happy Easter as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. This gives us hope and joy just knowing there is more than this life. We can live in eternity with our Saviour and all the saints that have gone on before us.

This past month I lost 3 very special people in my life. They all imparted some spiritual truth in my life. I feel honored that God let my path cross so that I could meet these special people.  The one sister was Sister Angie Lewis and she was my spiritual mom. She helped me during a discouraging time in my life. She was an evangelist and a power house when she preached or gave a testimony. She really inspired me.  I hope I can inspire others like she inspired me.  Then there was Juanita Heath, she was a Pastor's wife. She went through a lot of trials but would sing and play the guitar. She taught me perseverance. Then there was a dear sister that I met 22 yrs. ago. She was a German and I loved going to her house for prayer meetings and Bible studies.  Anna Decker lived in Bernau near the Chiemsee in Germany. Her husband was in the second World War. He shared so many stories with me. Anna was almost 95 when she passed away.  She sure didn't seem like it, she was full of energy and liked to laugh. I would go sometimes to just visit with her. I would play the piano and she would play the flute. I thank the Lord for these 3 ladies that God blessed me with to have sweet christian fellowship. Now I pray that I can be a blessing to others that God puts in my path.  So this year Easter means more to me than ever before.  Easter means there will be a reunion of all the saints of old and our loved ones.  That should make us all rejoice we have got more to go to heaven for than ever before. God bless each of you this Easter.
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Saturday, March 10th 2012

5:22 PM

Two pioneers of the Faith called HOME, I will miss them greatly

I thank God for my christian heritage but also for the people God has put in my path over the years. One person that was very dear to my heart is Sister Angie Lewis. She was a powerful Evangelist and I met her in 1977. I was really going through some struggles at that time. Just so disappointed with the church and christian people. God brought Sister Lewis in my life. She was very dedicated to the Lord and when she prayed all the devils of hell would run.  When I was struggling she told me to simply Surrender everything to God.  I did that and got real peace in my life once again. I traveled to a lot of meetings with Sister Lewis. She starting praying for me and has prayed daily for me for the last 35 years. My, I am going to miss those prayers.
God also recently took home another very dear friend of mine in Germany. Another sweet sister and brother, now both in  heaven. They have had prayer meetings in their house the last 50 years. When I was in Germany I would play the piano for those elderly people. One night as I played her husband had a vision of heaven. I will never forget that smile on his face. I just kept playing the piano and he was basking in God's presence. A few days later he passed away. He shared so many wonderful experiences with me. His wife loved to pray also and I got prayed for often. I have my sister Lewis praying in Pa. and my German friends praying for me in Bayern, Germany. I was so blessed. Now they are both gone. I feel this loss, this prayer covering. Now I decided since they are gone we will just have to take up the slack and start a mid-week prayer meeting at Casa Shalom. I believe that God will honor that. Well, I love those fathers an mothers in the faith. They knew how to get a hold of God. They would pray until they got the answer. So we all have to hang in there and not give up so quickly like people do today. We need to sometimes just tie a knot and hold on to God until the answer comes.
 The Bible tells us in Gal. 6:9, don't be weary in well doing, in due season we will reap a good harvest if we don't quit or give up. So keep on keeping on until God sends the harvest.  HE WILL keep his word.

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Friday, February 17th 2012

2:28 PM

Europe hit by 2 weeks of Snow storms

I have seen more snow in one week than I have seen in the last five years here in Romania. This cold winter weather had taken over 600 lives in Europe.  There are over 80 deaths right here in Romania. There are 76 villages still isolated and shut off.  One village has 6 deaths but there is so much snow they can't bury the dead.  We are preparing to go out and help some of the struggling elderly people. There is so much that a person can do to help someone.  
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Friday, February 17th 2012

2:13 PM

Our new Casa Shalom guests from Myanmar (Burma)l

 This year is passing by so quickly.  We have had a very hard winter here in Romania.  Already over 68 deaths have been caused because of the bitter cold. Over 600 people have died in Europe this winter. 

A few days before Christmas we had a big surprise.  We were thinking that we would have a relaxed and laid back Christmas.  A got a phone call and was asked if I could take in 15 Refugees. I was going to say it would be better after Christmas but I said, yes.  I am glad I did.  Many times in life we have opportunities to be a blessing to others but it doesn't fit unto our comfortable schedules. We say no, it is not convenient   or fit in our schedule. We have been blessed through our Myanmar friends.  Now they are learning English and Romanian.  
The four little kids are so adorable.  We enjoy having them in our house. 

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