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Saturday, April 7th 2012

5:30 PM

He is not here, he has risen from the dead.

We wish each of you a Happy Easter as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. This gives us hope and joy just knowing there is more than this life. We can live in eternity with our Saviour and all the saints that have gone on before us.

This past month I lost 3 very special people in my life. They all imparted some spiritual truth in my life. I feel honored that God let my path cross so that I could meet these special people.  The one sister was Sister Angie Lewis and she was my spiritual mom. She helped me during a discouraging time in my life. She was an evangelist and a power house when she preached or gave a testimony. She really inspired me.  I hope I can inspire others like she inspired me.  Then there was Juanita Heath, she was a Pastor's wife. She went through a lot of trials but would sing and play the guitar. She taught me perseverance. Then there was a dear sister that I met 22 yrs. ago. She was a German and I loved going to her house for prayer meetings and Bible studies.  Anna Decker lived in Bernau near the Chiemsee in Germany. Her husband was in the second World War. He shared so many stories with me. Anna was almost 95 when she passed away.  She sure didn't seem like it, she was full of energy and liked to laugh. I would go sometimes to just visit with her. I would play the piano and she would play the flute. I thank the Lord for these 3 ladies that God blessed me with to have sweet christian fellowship. Now I pray that I can be a blessing to others that God puts in my path.  So this year Easter means more to me than ever before.  Easter means there will be a reunion of all the saints of old and our loved ones.  That should make us all rejoice we have got more to go to heaven for than ever before. God bless each of you this Easter.
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